Hello, World!

I am an android developer in training, currently taking courses through a Google + Udacity online course.

I will use this website to publish and share various projects that I am working on.

I have developed a few small websites and apps over the years but am currently working on further developing my skill set so that I can create more advanced projects and eventually land a job in this field, particularly with Java/Kotlin/Android Studio.

I use HTML, CSS, Java (not JavaScript), and small bits of Python. I strongly believe in the power of “Googling it” til you make it. I learned C++ during my time at a community college but decided to focus on other languages that I can use in mobile applications. I started learning by Googling and watching YouTube videos and was amazed by how much you can learn with information so freely available on the internet. I know use Udacity in combination with online tutorials and a few physical books on these topics.

My main “side project” at the moment is an app/website for creating a centralized wish list system that can be used by both small and large businesses while making it easier for users to discover new products they may have not even known they’d like.

When I have more to share, I will be sharing it here at Julian.xyz

You can follow me on Twitter for random ramblings at @ImJulianPerry